How To Verify Mobile

We ( verify your mobile number to ensure that every user account associated with should be real and genuine

Here are some steps to verify your Mobile number.

When you Created an account, we have sent you an OTP (One Time Pasword) on your Mobile Number. Either you get that OTP that time or may be not. If you got OTP that time and submitted OTP successfully then you do not need to follow these steps. But Sometimes due to some reasons you did not get OTP at that time, then follow thses steps to verify your mobile number

Step 1. Go to

Step 2. Login to Your Account. (If already logged in then skip this Step)

Step 3. Click on your Name on Top-Right Corner.

Step 4. Click On My Account.

Step 5. Click on "Personal Info" tab. May be that tab already opened.

Step 6. Scroll Down to Mobile Number.

Step 7. Click Button "Enter OTP & Verify Mobile ".

Step 8. If you have an OTP then go to Step 11. If You Dont have an OTP Go to Step 9.

Step 9. Click Button "Resend OTP"

Step 10. Now Wait for 30-40 Seconds and when you recieve OTP go to Step 10.

Step 11. Enter OTP and Click on button "Submit OTP".

Step 12. Now You've Successfully Verified your mobile Number.

Thanks for your love and support.